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Summer Auto Repair Tips

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While you might get some time off from work in the summer, and the kids definitely get plenty of time off from school, your vehicle gets less than no time off. In fact, it might be in overdrive because of vacations and other activities. The warmer months can be a challenge for any car, and you’ll need to pay special attention to auto repair in Philadelphia, PA so you can keep things running smoothly. Here are a few tips to help you keep your vehicle in shape throughout the summer months.

Tip 1: Check Out The Coolant System

Staying cool in the car is of utmost importance as the temperature rises. Check coolant fluids in the vehicle every now and then and watch for leaks in hoses and among joints. On your own, you can squeeze hoses once the engine cools down to see that they are firm and not squishy and soft. If you notice the car feeling humid and warm way too often, get the car in for auto repairs before you’re sweating up a storm.

Tip 2: Change Wipers

Your wipers may have gone through a lot during the winter and spring so it’s a good time to get new wipers to prevent streaks. You may not see much rain, but you will probably hit a lot of bugs on the highway and it’s good to have new wipers that won’t streak as much. Replacing wipers is cheap and easy to do.

Tip 3: Keep An Eye On Tire Pressure

Tires are something to keep an eye on all year, but in the summer, when you’re about to take a long road trip, you really need to know what’s going on. Check their pressure often to ensure they are at the optimum level. Keep in mind that tire pressure can change with temperatures, but if you notice one tire changing faster than the others, it may have a slow leak. Watch for nails and other items in the road that can have a negative impact on your tires during this building season. And ensure that the tread isn’t too low, too.

Tip 4: Get The Fluids Checked

When you take your vehicle in for an oil change and tire rotation, have the other fluids checked and topped off, if necessary. Technicians can check everything from power-steering to windshield wiper fluids. These are liquids that never stop being used and you need to make sure you don’t run out at a bad time.

These are just a few tips to help you get by with the right auto repair in Philadelphia, PA over the summer months. If you need more advice, or you want to make an appointment for a tune-up, contact the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center at (215) 755-1270. We’re here to help with any auto questions you have. You can stop into our shop as well at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 and the SAR representatives will get your vehicle back on the road in safe driving conditions.

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Avoiding Summer Car Damage And Auto Repairs

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There’s no avoiding the heat of the summer, but there are things you can do to protect your vehicle from some of the ailments of the summer season. Keep up with auto repair in Philadelphia, PA and do some of these things to make the most of your vehicle investment.

Park In The Shade

You likely don’t leave your laptop or phone in the car when it gets super-hot because you don’t want them to be damaged by the heat. Cars have a lot of computer systems in them as well and while they will likely still operate, heat isn’t the best thing for them. Parking in the shade will prolong the life of those systems within your vehicle and keep it cooler than possible otherwise.

Avoid Hot Drives

You know you can keep cool in your car if you have a good air conditioning system, but the hottest times of the day and of the year can have an impact on the engine and other parts of the vehicle. When the mercury is rising, avoid the hottest times of the day, like between noon and three in the afternoon, to keep your vehicle in the best working order.

Get A Sun Shade

There isn’t always shade to park in and you can’t always protect all of your vehicle from the summer elements, but if you hate getting into a scorching hot car with a steering wheel you can’t touch, and you worry about the sun fading the interior colors, get a sun shade and be diligent about putting it up in your vehicle when it’s parked somewhere sunny for a long period of time.

Crack The Windows

Air inside a sealed-up car can be stifling. While it will still feel hot, cracking the windows and the sunroof, if you have one, is a great way to keep at least a little air flowing through the vehicle so it won’t be quite as bad when you get back.

Keep It Clean

You might not see as much dirt as in the winter when there’s salt and sand on the road, but dirt and grim can get baked onto your car in the heat. Keep it clean with frequent rinses and washings to make sure dried dirt doesn’t damage the paint.

When you need advice about protecting your vehicle, the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help. Call us at (215) 755-1270 and get tips on auto repair in Philadelphia, PA and how you can take preventative measures in the summer as well. We’re located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’ll help with everything from oil changes to brake repairs and then some. SAR wants your vehicle to be as safe as possible and that means regular oil changes and tune-ups to keep everything operating in the most effective and efficient manner. We love to keep track of everything your car needs so you don’t have to think about those things yourself.

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Auto Repair Ideas For Summer Traveling Gadgets

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With summer arriving, it’s easy to think about where you’re going to go and what adventures you’ll have in mind. That might mean a trip to the auto repair shop in Philadelphia, PA is in store so you can ensure your vehicle is road ready and as safe as possible for the trips you want to take. But you might also want to take a close look at the automotive market because there are hundreds of gadgets that can make your summer traveling experience more comfortable, more entertaining, and even safer. Here are a few to consider:

The Travel Cooler

There are many different travel coolers on the market and if you don’t want to pull over at every rest stop because you or someone riding with you is hungry or thirsty, they make traveling a lot easier. You can get a regular cooler, or you can get a car travel cooler that plugs into the vehicle so you have a mini refrigerator you can pack with sandwiches, drinks, and snacks.

The Pet Protective Cover

Some of your trips might mean taking the family dog along, which can be very fun, but also a big pain. You know summer is shedding season and you’d rather not spend the rest of the year trying to get the hair off your back seats. Pet proof seat covers are easy on the upholstery, but even easier on the clean-up duty.

A Work Station

Taking a vacation away from work is easier said than done. When your significant other is driving and the kids are happy, there’s no reason why you can’t get some work done. Get a vehicle desk that can act as a portable office. You can put your laptop on it and there are even some stations that have hanging systems for files or office supplies that fold up when you aren’t using them.

A Key Finder

There’s nothing worse than trying to climb back into your car on vacation to go to the next event only to find your keys are missing. There are great key finders on the market now that allow you to place a tile on your keyring and then download an app so you can see right where you keys are at all times through a GPS map locator. This might even come in handy around the house once you get home!

When you are ready for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, do some online research in the waiting room and see which of these other products might come in useful to you as you hit the road with your family this summer. And, before you go, make sure everything looks good on your vehicle. The professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help. Give us a call at (215) 755-1270 and we’ll fit in an oil change, tire rotation, and full inspection as well as anything else you need. You can visit us at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 for your auto repair needs.

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Go With Tire Rotations Along With Auto Repair

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When you take your vehicle in for Philadelphia, PA auto repair, whether you need an oil change, new brake pads, or something else, the technician might ask you if you would like a tire rotation as well. This is a good idea for a number of reasons. Here are some such reasons:

Even Wear

Think about the way your tires operate. It makes sense that tires on the left side will wear on certain spots more than tires on the right side and vice versa. If you flip those tires around and rotate them into different positions, they will be able to wear on the opposite side, which will expand their lifetime. If you leave the tires in one location at all times and never rotate them, they will wear down too far in one spot and you will have to replace them sooner.

An Easy Ride

Your vehicle won’t feel as smooth or operate as well if the tires aren’t balanced. When you don’t rotate the tires, that’s exactly what can happen. The tread will wear down in certain spots and you may be able to feel that in the ride your vehicle gives you. It’s best to have a vehicle that feels smooth because that means things are likely going right in a number of ways.

Tire rotations help you to have a safe vehicle. If you never rotate the tires and allow them to get worn, they can be downright dangerous. Your vehicle could start to pull to the side, or you might not have enough traction if you need to brake quickly. You could even have poor handling when you hit curves. Worn tires can also be noisy and they simply can’t be fixed. Once they’re worn in an uneven manner, you will have to replace them and that gets expensive. It’s much cheaper to have your tires rotated when you get oil changes or at other times.

Usually, tire rotation every 5-6,000 miles is a good idea. You will want to ask your technician what’s right for your vehicle and the tires you have on it. Tires are expensive and you want to keep them in good shape for as long as possible. You’ll also want your vehicle to maintain its safety levels for you and your family.

When you are ready for any kind of Philadelphia, PA auto repair, contact the experts at Schafer’s Auto Center by calling (215) 755-1270. You may not remember when your last tire rotation was and that’s okay. Ask us to take a look at your tires and we’ll let you know if that needs to be done or not. You can stop by and ask questions or have us take a look at your tires at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148. At SAR, we want your vehicle to run as well and as safely as possible for as long as possible. We give honest advice and won’t do things unless they really need to be done.

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Advice From Auto Repair Experts On Tire Repair

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It would be nice if your vehicle worked the way it should at all times without any attention. Isn’t that what we all really want? But there are bumps in the road (quite literally in the form of potholes), nails on the street, and plenty of other things that can go wrong. Cars need maintenance and, when you think about it, tires take the brunt of the force on your vehicle each and every day. Philadelphia, PA auto repair specialists understand that the tires are connecting your vehicle to the road. They are what hits the nails, the potholes, and anything else in your way. When you get a flat tire for any reason, whether the tire is on the new side or very old, you have to ask yourself if you should repair the tire or just give in and replace it. Auto repair professionals have some tips for you to help you figure out what the best angle is for your vehicle at this time.

Tip 1: Examine The Issue

If you’ve run over a nail or can visibly see why your tire is flat, look at how long the puncture is in your tire. Repairing the tire is usually most cost-effective, but you want your vehicle to be safe as well. If the puncture is small, it’s less likely to cause issues later if you repair it now. It’s also more likely to be capable of repair. Not only do you want to see how large the puncture is, but you also want to see where it’s located. If the puncture is located in the tire’s wall, it cannot be repaired, no matter how small it might be.

Tip 2: Consider Age

How long has it been since you replaced your tires? How many miles do you have on them? If you aren’t sure, you can always measure the treads. Stick a penny in the tread with Lincoln’s head down. If you can see the top of his head, your treads are low. You are probably on your way to new tires as it is so it really doesn’t make sense to waste money on tire repair when you will have to get new tires soon anyway. Don’t repair a tire that isn’t worth it and instead get a new tire or a whole set, so they are all the same.

Tip 3: Get An Inspection

You likely aren’t a tire expert, but there are plenty of them out there. Get your tire inspected so you have sound advice as to whether or not you should repair or replace the tire before you move forward in one way or the other.

When you have a tire issue of any kind, contact Schafer’s Auto Center, a Philadelphia, PA auto repair shop for help. You can call us at (215) 755-1270 to ask questions or to make an appointment. SAR is located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’re happy to help you diagnose your tire issue, replace them for you, or repair them, if that’s possible.

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Safe Rain Driving To Avoid Auto Repairs

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Every vehicle is going to need Philadelphia auto repair at some point or another. Every engine needs an oil change and every tire needs to be rotated, right? But if you can avoid the major events that can arise after accidents occur, you certainly would. While driving is always going to be a possible danger, it turns into more of a possibility when you are driving in the rain. Use these tips to keep yourself safe on the roads so you don’t need auto repairs sooner than you expected.

Tip 1: Slow Down

Sure, you feel like you know how to handle your vehicle in the rain, but that doesn’t mean everyone around you does. Slow down to a reduced speed and keep a longer distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. When it’s raining, your stopping distance will increase so if someone in front of you slams on the brakes, you need more time to stop yourself.

Tip 2: Turn Lights On

Whether it’s day or night, you should have your lights on when you are driving in the rain. It’s harder to see and other vehicles will be able to take notice of your position easier if they can see your lights.

Tip 3: Avoid Puddles, When Possible

You certainly don’t want to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid a puddle, but if you see a puddle and can safely avoid it, it’s best to do so. You never know if it’s just a small puddle or a large pothole that can seriously damage your vehicle.

Tip 4: Ensure Your Windshield Wipers Work Well

What’s more dangerous than driving in the rain is driving in the rain when you can’t see very well. Your windshield wipers need to be in prime condition so you can see as much as possible. If you notice they’ve been streaking when you clean the windows, get new ones. They’re a small price to pay for visibility.

Tip 5: Clear The Fog

Windows have a tendency to fog over when it rains. Set your defrost on or open the windows a crack to get things cleared off as quickly as possible. Again, visibility is key when it’s raining outside and you’re on the road driving.

If you’d like more tips about driving in the rain, contact a Philadelphia auto repair shop for advice. While repair shops want your business, they don’t want you to get into accidents to cause you to come to them for help. You can get the efficiency and effectiveness you need from your vehicle with regular service, for those needs, contact Schafer’s Auto Center at (215) 755-1270. We’re here to change oil, rotate tires, and take care of inspections and other needs. When SAR can keep your vehicle in tune, you’ll have more efficiency and better luck with the roads in any condition. Stop by and see us at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’ll get you set up with the right services at the right time.

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Tips From An Auto Repair Shop On Traveling With A Dog

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As the temperatures start to rise and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s nice to take your dog for more walks. While you may not be able to take the pooch into the office, there’s no reason he can’t come with you for a car ride every now and then. The auto repair shops in Philadelphia want you to travel as safely as possible and that includes anyone, or any pet, in your vehicle. Here are a few tips from professional car repair shops for traveling with your dog.

Tip 1: Seal Up Pet Food

If you’re taking your dog away with you for the weekend, or on a day long trip, remember how messy dog food can be. It can easily spill, and it can even spoil. If it’s going to be sitting in the car for a long period of time, seal it up in Tupperware or a plastic bag so it won’t spill or spoil.

Tip 2: Always Pack Water

You need to make sure your pet is hydrated as the temperatures rise. Always have water along to make sure everyone has a drink. You can keep a few bottles handy for him that you can just pour into a bowl when you make a stop. IF you’re having a drink, make sure he gets one too.

Tip 3: Enjoy Treats In Moderation

It’s tempting to hit the drive thru to grab lunch for yourself and get an extra dollar burger for your dog as well. Keep in mind that treats are okay every now and then, but don’t make that his regular meal while on the road. Moderation is key when it comes to pets and treats. You might be better off packing a few extra dog biscuits or a new bone for your dog to enjoy instead.

Tip 4: Take Breaks

If you think your legs get cramped and tired after a long drive, imagine your dog, big or small. They’re used to having the whole house or the whole yard to stretch out in. When you’re taking a longer drive, take breaks and walks to enjoy the fresh air. Even if you just walk around the grass of a parking lot for a while, it can help that restless feeling.

One of the best tips you can get from auto repair shops in Philadelphia about traveling with your dog is to keep your car tuned up and in the best possible shape. You don’t want to get stuck anywhere with hot weather and a dog in tow. It can get dangerous for both of you. Before you head out, visit Schafer’s Auto Center. Give us a call at (215) 755-1270 and we can change your oil, check your tires, and inspect your vehicle from bumper to bumper. With SAR on your side, your car will be in the most efficient mode possible. Stop by and talk with us today at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148.

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Listening To Your Engine For Auto Repair Needs

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You’ve probably had an auto repair in Philadelphia before. If you’ve owned a vehicle for any length of time, you’ve had to get tire rotations, oil changes, new filters, and other odds and ends. The last thing anyone wants is to have engine trouble, but it happens! When your vehicle is making specific noises, you need to take it in for an inspection right away or it could cause further damage. Don’t worry about sounding silly making the noise for the technician. We’ll drive the vehicle ourselves and listen for what you mean. Here are a few engine noises that need auto repair right away:

Hissing Sounds

If your engine is making a hissing sound, there could be an issue with the cooling system or within the vacuum line. Whatever it is, it’s definitely not doing your vehicle any good. You need to get to an auto repair shop sooner rather than later.

Clunking Sounds

If you hit a bump and hear a clunk, you might have an issue with the undercarriage that could be affecting the engine. The sound could occur at a variety of times, but if you for sure hear it when you go over a bump, get things checked out.

Howling Noises

Wolves are supposed to howl at the moon, your engine is not supposed to howl at all. You might have a problem with your differential and it’s definitely not something you want to mess around with.

Shrieking Or Squealing Noises

If your vehicle is making a high-pitched noise, there might be an issue with your serpentine belt. You know what your car usually sounds like so when that changes, it’s time to get things looked at.

Screeching Sounds When You Brake

Squealing brakes are never a good thing and when they make noise as you step on them, that’s their way of telling you they are failing and need to be replaced. If you ignore it, it can cause a lot of danger and damage to other parts of the vehicle, like the engine.

You may not know that much abbot your vehicle’s engine, but you are the one who drives the car and you do know what it normally sounds like. When those normal sounds change into one of the above noises, it’s time to take your vehicle to an auto repair in Philadelphia. If there’s nothing wrong, great. You get to move on with peace of mind. But the professionals have the chance to hear the sound and diagnose whatever is going on so you can fix it before it gets worse and causes major engine damage. Contact Schafer’s Auto Center at (215) 755-1270 to set up an inspection if you hear any odd noises in your vehicle. You can stop by and ask us about them as well at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148. SAR is here to help you stay as safe as possible while running an efficient vehicle on the road. Whether you know the root cause or not, we’re here to help.

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Protect Your Investment With An Auto Repair Shop

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When you buy a home, you want to protect your investment. After all, it’s probably the largest purchase you will make in your life. You maintain your home and when something breaks down, you fix it. You might also upgrade certain things as time goes by. Your vehicle is a big part of your lifestyle as well. When you buy a car, that’s another investment you want to protect. How can you do that? A number of ways, one of which includes an auto repair shop in Philadelphia, PA.

Get The Oil Changed

One of the simplest things you can do to protect your car as an investment is to get oil changes at regular intervals. Take a peak in your owner’s manual to see how many miles you can drive between oil changes. Dirty oil affects the engine of your vehicle and doesn’t allow it to operate efficiently or effectively. You want an efficient vehicle so oil changes are important.

Rotate The Tires

The tires on your vehicle are like an investment within an investment. They cost a lot to replace, but you’ll likely wear them down and have to at some point. To keep them operating in the best possible manner for as long as possible, you want them to wear evenly. Have them rotated every other oil change for the best wear and keep an eye on the thread so you don’t wear them down to unsafe levels.

Get Inspections

When you go in for that regular oil change, it’s best to have the technicians check your vehicle over for other things. They might be able to catch something small that would take no time at all to repair. When left alone, however, that small thing could build up and cause damage that is much more costly. Plus, when you get these inspections, you are able to save money and ensure your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible.

Drive Properly

Slamming on the brakes and accelerating as fast as possible is no way to treat your investment. Drive in the proper, safe manner to make the most out of your vehicle. When you treat it right, it will be your ride for a long time.

If you need help maintaining your investment, the technicians at the auto repair shops in Philadelphia, PA are here to help. Contact Schafer’s Auto Center to set up an appointment, or to ask for advice as to how often you need to have an oil change based on your vehicle’s style. Give us a call at (215) 755-1270 and we’ll take care of your vehicle investment as if it were our own. You can also stop by with questions or to see our shop. We’re located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’re happy to show you around and take a look at your vehicle to see what might need to be done. Let’s work together to protect the investment you made in your vehicle. We’re here to help.

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Safe Driving Tips For Older Drivers From Your Auto Repair Shop

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Do you have an aging loved one in your life and you’re worried about their driving? Are you getting on in your years and you’d like some tips for driving yourself? The Philadelphia auto repair shops exist to keep your vehicles as safe as possible, but you need to know how to drive well to keep yourself safe as well. If you are older, or have an older loved one in your life, take these tips to heart and stay safe on the road.

Tip 1: Get Hearing And Vision Tests

There are a variety of things that often start to fail as we age. Hearing and vision loss are two such things. In order to stay safe on the road as a senior, get regular hearing and vision tests. You need to be able to hear sirens coming from behind you and you need to be able to see traffic lights and road signs with ease. If you start to find deficiencies in those areas, you might start to limit your driving to daytime hours or you might need a prescription change or hearing aids to help keep you safe.

Tip 2: Stay Fit Physically

Staying active can help seniors with their strength and flexibility, both of which can come in handy when they are driving. Drivers need to be able to turn the steering wheel with ease, look over their shoulder, and carry other motions out while they drive and park. Things like walking, water aerobics, chair yoga and other low-impact exercises can be very beneficial and could help seniors avoid accidents.

Tip 3: Recognize Your Limitations

As a senior, you need to listen to your body and know your driving limitations. If your hands hurt when you are gripping the wheel, get a steering wheel cover to help that issue. If you can’t see the dashboard very well, get something that’s easier to read. Newer vehicles also come with safety elements like blind spot sensors and backup cameras, which can help alert you when dangers are present.

Tip 4: Consider Road Conditions

As is true with any driver, senior drivers need to keep a close eye on road conditions. If there’s snow or ice, it’s best to stay off the road. If the senior doesn’t see well at night, they should avoid dark driving conditions. It’s also a good idea for seniors to keep tabs on their personal conditions. If they are overtired or upset, they should avoid driving. If they’re on a new medication, stay off the road until they know how it impacts their reaction times, and so on.

If you are a senior, or you have a loved one in your life, take these tips to heart and stay safe on the road. When your vehicle needs a Philadelphia auto repair shop for oil changes, brake repairs, or anything else, contact Schafer’s Auto Center at (215) 755-1270 or stop by 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148.