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What Happens if You Ignore Your Brakes? What happens if brake pads wear out?

By May 8, 2017Auto Service

Your braking system aren’t something you think about on a daily basis, even though you use them every time you want to slow your vehicle. You take your brakes for granted. When you press down on the brake pedal, your vehicle should slow and then come to a stop. It’s as simple as that! But if you ignore your brakes and never have Philadelphia brake repair, a number of things can go wrong. Here are some of the things that could happen if your brakes don’t get the service they need.

-Brakes can fail

If you let your brakes go and never tend to them, the pads and rotors could wear out and go bad, and a number of other things can break down. These things operate together as a team in order to slow your vehicle. When one or more item is no longer working, your disc brakes can fail. There aren’t many things that can go wrong in a vehicle that is scarier than failed brakes. What if you’re driving 60 down the highway? What if you see someone crossing the road in town and you can’t slow down? Having your braking system fail is one of the last things you want to happen when you’re driving.

-Brakes can cause damage

If you start to hear your brakes squeal and act up and you ignore the issue, they can still work for a while, at least somewhat, even if they don’t stop your car as fast. But the longer you wait, the more damage they can do. If you take your vehicle in right away, you might just need replacing brake pads. If you wait, the damage can continue on into bigger, more expensive parts of your brakes. When you finally do go in, the problem is deep and much more costly.

In summary, what happens if your brakes fail you? Nothing good comes from ignoring your brakes . You could harm yourself, someone else, or other parts of your vehicle, which causes you higher expenses. Which option do you prefer? None of the above? In that case, make sure you get Philadelphia brake repair at the first sign of anything wrong within your braking system.

If you’ve never dealt with brake issues on a vehicle before, you may wonder where you need to go to get them fixed. Sure, there are shops that specialize in just brakes, but it’s more convenient to visit an auto center that can also do your oil change, rotate your tires, and take care of other maintenance needs at the same time.

Call Schafer’s Auto Center at 215-755-1270 and make an appointment for Philadelphia brake repair. We run a free 80-point inspection every time you bring your vehicle in for anything at all to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible in every way. We can also do your oil change, tire rotation, filter changes and anything else that needs to be done. There’s no need to go anywhere else for anything at all! Visit our convenient location at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148.

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